General questions
Our Mineraft servers runs in online-mode=true, so you need to purchase minecraft from minecraft.net to play on our servers.
Our staff team is active on our discord server and on the forums. Discord is probably the easiest way to contact us.
When you donate to our community, your money will be spent on keeping our servers up. We are also looking at options for expanding later.
A donation is considered as a donation and is final. This also applies to the shop, however when it comes to our shop we usually only have two exceptions:
  • You did not receive what you purchased in the shop.
  • Law enforcement demands it.
However, there may be some other exceptions. But you should always contact us and ask. Please read the Terms of Use in the shop.
At the moment, we only support PayPal. However PayPal supports both Visa and MasterCard. For purchases in the shop or single donations we use EUR.