As of 8th of May 2018, EnixGaming was taken down without further notice. EnixGaming has always been a Minecraft community, however we tried to expand to other games. Our minecraft playerbase was players with offline clients. A result of that was a lack of donations. We tried lots of different things that could bring us a income, however we found it hard since most of our players had offline clients and no ability to donate for our service. We always wanted our servers to be free to play on, which is why we allowed offline clients. But in the end, we saw no other solutions than collaborating with new investors. The downside with this was a longtime plan we all disagreed on in the beginning, but had to accept in order to keep our servers.

The deal we had to meet with our new investors was to change the community name, and turn all our Minecraft servers to premium. After we all agreed, AuraServers was created with a new management. After the shutdown of EnixGaming, the months just passed by and nothing happened. No one knew what they were supposed to do while making the server. So it took 2-3 months before we had an actual plan on how we were going to do things. It now seems that these plans failed, and AuraServers wont have Minecraft servers.

By this, we can now officially confirm that EnixGaming has been shutdown, and that AuraServers will be something else than we planned.

Thank you for being a part of our awesome community.


If you want to check out AuraServers, please click here.

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